Entry #1

Looking for a place to post art.

2018-01-19 11:21:35 by TheArtrix

Hi Newgrounds,

I've been part of this website for a long time, though admittedly I have kind of abandoned it it recent years. I'm sure you all heard it before; Flash not being as relevant, artists moving to YouTube, that stuff.

Most of my activity is on deviantART where I post my art. But lately I'm getting the feeling that I'm not getting as much out of that site as I used to. I have been looking for a second avanue to share my art, and I absolutely do not like Tumblr for several reasons, and then it occurred to me that the Newgrounds art portal has matured quite a bit.

So I might start posting my art on Newgrounds as well. Though I'll lurk a bit to see what I can and cannot post.


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2018-01-19 15:07:46

I find Instagram very useful as well to post art at, Twitter not so much, DeviantArt is cool as well but I agree about not getting much use out it since every artist in the world is on that site.


2018-01-22 00:26:45

Instagram would be nice, but on Newgrounds you can have your art rated and critiqued, not just a love it or some emoji.